After a winter of intense transformation, the energy of May is a welcome relief!

It is Creative Beginnings Month, and I am all about new creations. Plus it’s my birthday month, that gives me extra excuses to create, connect, and give and receive love.

So what are YOU creating?

Are you having fun with it?

May is also National Mental Health Month, and National Masturbation Month, which is so NOT a coincidence in my book.

When your creative / sexual energy is flowing, everything moves with a lot more ease. Not tapped into this energy much? Let’s change that!

Here are my top 3 tips to bring more creation energy now:


1. Choose a target that lights you up

What’s a target that you can shoot for this month that would be fun for you? Whether it is external based like make videos for a 30 day challenge (yes, that’s happening here on my Instagram), or 30 days of enjoying your own body right now, setting a target can set you on the path of transformation with ease.

2. Make it a game

Got a target? Great! Now make it a game. What would you get yourself for going for it? Even if it is pleasure based, resistance can and will most likely come up (hello, pleasure ceiling). So make it a game that you can win for yourself. Showing up counts!

3. Celebrate each creation and actualization with pleasure

Everything that shows up (what actualizes) is your creation. Own it! I created this! I actualized this! Do this for the good, bad, amazing, and the sucktacular. Your body is creating all of the time, and the more you can acknowledge it, and enjoy it, the more alive it gets.

To go one step further, check out this is a brilliant clip from Access Consciousness Founder Gary Douglas about Creation vs Actualization. For creations that haven’t actualized yet, ask, “What can I do to make this more orgasmic?”


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Create with PleasureWould you like to have more fun creating and actualizing your desires in the world?

You’ve heard that pleasure and orgasmic energy can add to your creations, but you aren’t sure how to do that, or what it really does.

Join me on this call to learn about:

–What orgasmic energy truly is and how to use it for your body, biz and creations.

–Tuning into your body, biz and intuition to hear what is available for you now.

–Receive a deep clearing of the blocks to creating with pleasure (goodbye shame, doubt and regret!)

–Attend live for facilitation of your own creations, or send in your questions before hand if you can’t be on live.

We will be using the clearing statement from Access Consciousness®, and you don’t need any experience with this to benefit.

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2 Hour Call with Clearing and Live Facilitation on Sunday, May 6, 2018 at 9 am PDT

Access the Bars Certification Training in San Diego

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Access Bars on May 12

Have looked at your life and realized that you are NOT being you, and maybe you are being you mother?

Ack! How did that happen?

We often imprint patterns and ways of being in the world from our parents pre-verbally, and then we grow up thinking that it is us when it is really someone else’s way of being.

Well the Access Bars is a hands on healing modality that can help you to let go of that patterning, and wake you up to when you are not being you.

Let’s turn this “Mother’s Day” weekend into NOT Your Mother Day!

In this one day class, you learn the Access Bars® process which can let go of the thoughts, feelings, emotions and any junk you put into your energy or your sweet body in any lifetime.

At worse, you will feel like a great massage, and at best, your whole life could change!

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To the most pleasurable creating yet,

Jaime Lyerly

Get Out of Your Own Way Guide

Access Consciousness® CFMW and Bars Facilitator

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