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Jaime Lyerly is MY coach! I haven't had a business-related coach for a couple of years now because it's so hard for me to find someone that I truly trust. (Let's admit it, there are a lot of coaches out there making all sorts of claims.) But man oh man am I glad I decided to take on the journey with Jaime starting last December. Every conversation I have with her results in more money, but the best part is I had never really learned how to allow this to happen so effortlessly until now. It's not all about the perfect business plan or marketing email content. Sure, she's got a lot of geeky techie know-how, but more valuable to me is how much I've learned from her about receiving, softening, and still being my powerful, badass self. So there's my two cents - from one of the pickiest clients on the planet!"

Melanie Munir

Founder of Professional Wild Woman

Jaime has been an incredible help to me in my business. She was gentle, kind, efficient, effective, and was able to guide me in my process in a way I needed the most. She’s intuitive, quick witted, and super aware (ahead of time) of what was required. She made a big impact in my business, and recommended her to many of my clients.

Katherine McIntosh

Creator of the No Judgment Diet

Jaime has a gift for zeroing in on what I most needed. After a short but profound clearing, she gave me the exact visualization/exercise that I needed. Since our work together, I have noticed movement and changes in money flow that had been eluding me for quite some time. Grateful for the gift of Jaime, and looking forward to more!"

Edie Hoppin

Healthy Living Gluten-Free, Nutritional Expert

I reached out to Jaime in a time of stagnation in my business and in my relationships around an emerging project. All I remember is Jaime saying "just be open, you could be working with different people". Within a week I lost my one business partner. And within another two months the other one bowed out. FINALLY the project has air and is in motion. I had no idea what needed to happen - and it needed a big clearing apparently. Jaime is the one. As a result, I have a clear path and I have insight. I have "the work”. I am doing the good work inside me and it's okay to be "alone" in business (for now). That's what I needed.

Charis Lynn Curtis

Evolutionary Coach

Jaime’s energy as a circle leader felt strong and focused. She is an experienced facilitator and created a space wherein I felt safe to express myself.  I was so looking forward to sitting in circle these days and I thank you for holding space. The meditation she guided us through was amazing...the physical body being contained in the expanded energetic body. Big "Thank You."

Ioanna Margaroni

Sacred Women's Circle Leader

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