Intense energy in the skies.

Extra chaotic noise that can zap you if you aren’t resourced.

What’s an aware (empathic, sensitive) person to do with all of this?

Tap into your Knowing, right now.

How​ do you do that? The simple way is to ask a question! 

What do you know that no one else knows? Mmmm… that energy! Go for that!

And if you wonder why this matters, keep reading.


Why tapping into your OWN intuition and knowing matters, especially in times of great change and protests. Tips for navigating the intense energy of now. Watch the video here.

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In this video, I talk about the recent Protests, what we can learn from the kids who are speaking up right now, and also why having a gifted reader or facilitator can be a huge contribution, even to those of you are also tuned in. (Hint: They can be partial where you may be invested in the outcome.)

If you would like to have a Profound Reading with me, I’ve got a special going for only a few more days. This reading is perfect for anyone who would like a boost of clarity in one area of business, life, or love, so that you Know and Go. Who would you be without doubt or hesitation? I wonder…

Wanna know what people have said about my readings? Here is a testimonial from a powerhouse client Denise:

Jaime Lyerly is a gift! I had my first tarot reading with her recently, and her insights and information were spot on. Everything she shared resonated with my heart, soul, and mind. Jaime not only explained what each card meant for me, but also provided me with practical actions I could choose to further my understanding of the energy and information, as well as the means to explore my path. Jaime is open, down to earth, and her genuine love for working with and guiding others is apparent. I’ve been blessed to participate in other workshops she has facilitated, and I look forward to working with her again.

Denise B.

How does it get any better than that? Is the next reading I do going to be For YOU?

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By the way, you don’t need to know anything about Tarot, divination, or even the question that you would like to ask for this type of reading. Your “Yes” and Investment is a potent message to the Universe that you are ready for something more.

The magic of these readings is that no matter what card is drawn, you get the energy of what’s possible for you, from this space, and from the future you can create. It’s like taking a peak into the future, and seeing if it is what you would like order from the menu of possibilities. If it isn’t, I give you tools on how to change the energy now. What would it be like for you to choose it?

I hope this a contribution to you, and I am grateful you allow my words and energy to come into your inbox. Thank you.

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Gratefully thriving in intense energies of now,

Jaime Lyerly

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