Have you ever had someone who has offered to help you with something that you have been asking for help on… and yet you haven’t let them?

I have been doing that. A lot. Way more than I would like to admit.

Today, I shifted that pattern, and I would like to offer you some quick tips via this Facebook live, and post below, to help you to shift that energy, and be able to receive more contribution for you, right now!

Check out this video below (and pardon the extra noise in the background. You will see in the video how it relates).

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Top 3 things to do to stop refusing help from other people.

1. Name it

Acknowledging that you are actively refusing to receive someone’s help can help take the shame, guilt, and wrongness off of what you are doing.

Sometimes, just saying aloud, to a trusted friend, or even to the person who has been offering to contribution to you, “I am not letting you help me even though I have been asking for it” can take the charge off of it.

It is like in Harry Potter, saying Voldemort rather than He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named takes the Fear out of it. Good! You named it. Now what?

2.  Change your Environment to Pattern Interrupt Yourself

Like in the video above, sometimes the answer is to get out of the house (And maybe even go to Starbucks to have an upside down caramel macchiato with me too, right?).

Many of us, especially solo entrepreneurs, spend so much of their time behind their computers, in their home offices, and we hardly ever break that routine. Well if you are like me, and in a habit of doing it all alone all the time, then being at home is only going to reinforce that aloneness. Whoops. That isn’t what we desire to have, so go for something different — A kind of pattern interrupt to invite in more.

For me today, that was going to that loud Starbucks for my biz meeting, and it shifted so much of the energy to be willing to receive.

What kind of pattern interrupt would you like to try? Put on your shoes and go do that! 

3.  Acknowledge that you may have a habit of not letting people help

This is a big one that sometimes we don’t like to even admit, especially as strong, independent women running our own businesses.  It almost becomes a point of pride. “Look! I did this ALL BY MYSELF!”

While you swell with pride, someone out there who has been desiring to contribute to the ease of your life and business, just falls away into the background, unable to give you their gifts. Whomp whomp.

Here are some questions to ask, and see what energy comes up for you:

  • What would it be like to let someone contribute to you, your body or your business? 
  • Who would you need to be to receive their contribution? 
  • What else is possible for you now? 

When you acknowledge there is a habit of not letting other people in to give to you, then you can bring conscious choice in to get out of your own way, and do something different! I will have more of this too!

That’s my top 3 tips for receiving contribution from others, right now. High five for getting through this post.

I have bonus tip for you, for those of you who have forgotten or haven’t heard of it yet.

Get your Bars Run!  

Access Bars is a dynamic hands on healing process that helps to let go of any places that you are not willing to receive.

If you would like to learn this process, I have a class this next Saturday, March 17, 2018 in Chula Vista (south San Diego) from 9:30 am to 6 pm. Check out the class here.

Let me know in the in the comments below how this lands with you, or your best tips on how to let people contribute to you.

Letting people contribute (even when it is hard),

Jaime Lyerly

Your Get Out of Your Own Way Guide