I have some amazing events coming up this weekend in San Diego and via livestream if you are not in the local area) that I would love to invite you to.

As you may know, I have been exploring what it means to live orgasmically – where every cell is lit up from the inside out, and I am making choices from what my body asks for rather than my head.

When I first started this path, everything went insane (hello, Life Climax!) and yet now it is getting easier and easier to say yes to what is alive for me. I would love to have that for you too! Here are some events that may be just the catalyst you are looking for.

This weekend, we have a special guest facilitator who is a nomadic consciousness facilitator, Matthew Bochsler, who uses Access Consciousness tools to facilitate more orgasmic living.

This Saturday, July 29: “An Evening of Clarity on Orgasmic Living” lead by Matthew Bochsler.

Hosted by Jaime Lyerly and Marci Rose.

  • When was the last time your body was really happy, alive, nurtured, and full of vitality with the energies of Sexualness?
  • When was the last time your body had a space of ease with everyone in your reality?
  • Did you know that when you start inviting and playing with these energies, that’s when you and your body can start to truly receiving wealth in all areas of your life ?

During this introduction to Orgasmic living well exponentialize your orgasmic future, and introduce tools for everyone to have this change.

Live in San Diego at Marci’s healing space in Mission Hills or via Livestream (for those of you who can’t make it to San Diego but would like to attend!) 6 pm to 9 pm PDT $50 investment.

Learn more about that here.

On Sunday, July 30: Access Bars® Practitioner Training. A tool for receiving and orgasmic living. Co-facilitated by Jaime Lyerly, CFMW, and Matthew Bochsler, CF.

In person only in San Diego  (no livestream option, sorry!)

How different could your life be if you were willing to receive more? The Bars® is an amazing hands on healing modality that helps you to let go of limitations that stop you from receiving.

In this one day training, you learn the process, receive it twice and give it twice, and you receive a certificate as a Bars® Practitioner which allows you to use this process on yourself, family, friends and clients.

Even if you have taken the Bars® class with me before, you can take it again with myself and Matthew, and be one step closer to being a Bars® Facilitator and teach this modality yourself! How does it get any better?

Learn more about this process here. 

I wonder how much will change this weekend?

Would you like some of this energy for yourself?

Go get it!

Whatever you choose, know that I adore you making choices for you.

Loving you,