We are on the second week of January, and, Wowza, the energy has been intense. How about for you?

I’ve got a quickie vulnerable story and tool for you. Would you like to play with me here, as I share my little swishy heart?

Thank you, let’s dive in —

I’ve been judging myself recently…

Pretty freaking harshly judging myself, mostly related to the money I create for my biz and my life, and my body for not being able to work 24/7.

See while I’ve had a coaching and energy clearing practice for over 4 years, I’ve always had some sort of back up funding source to navigate the fluctuations in energy, income or body related stuff. Because living a life based on following the lightness, and getting out of your own way isn’t exactly what I’d call “stable.”

Yet at the end of December, I gave up the last of my backup source jobs to go flying, face first into what I’ve been creating. It’s been exhilarating…until I got a bad cold, and everything slowed down to a pace that, while gentle to the body, is terrifying to my big ol’ thinking brain.

And in that space, I dropped down into a Wrongness Vortex for a few days.


A Wrongness Vortex is what I call the space where you buy something that is heavy (not true for you) and when you buy that lie, other lies wrap around it, and you get pulled down into this vortex of making yourself wrong for everything you have chosen. Not fun, right?

Well, I know this spot well, and I’ve helped hundreds of people navigate out of their own Wrongness Vortex. Yet, when you are in it, you are in it. It is up to you to choose to get out of it.

How did I shift out of this heavy space? By reaching out of the vortex, and asking vulnerability for contribution from someone who does not judge me. It’s easier said than done, all it took was a message to a peer to get on the phone.

At the end of the conversation, feeling way lighter, I remembered this quote.

It humbled me, and shifted my point of view towards gratitude, which lifted me all the way out of the wrongness vortex.

“The things you take for granted, someone else is praying for. ” – Marlan Rico Lee


Now I don’t know who this Marlan guy is, but that quote popped me from judging me into humble gratitude for what I’ve created.

Will you allow me to share some of what I have that I know someone out there is praying for?

  1. A willingness to get vulnerable, and ask for contribution from amazing peers who don’t judge me.
  2. Time freedom to take space to heal, connect and create without the restriction of a “normal job” or boss.
  3. A growing coaching and facilitation business that contributes to people locally in San Diego, and all over the world, by being me and sharing the tools, awarenesses and gifts that light me up. And I get paid to do what comes easiest and most generative to me: facilitating the Access Bars training, coaching on pleasurable life and biz, clearing and teaching others how to Know and Go!
  4. A healthy, strong body that is a finely tuned instrument for knowing, being, perceiving, and receiving.
  5. A loving, close relationship with my adult son, who is a huge contribution to me to keep going, and my willingness to do whatever it takes to create the life I know is possible for me.

How does it get any better than that?

So the tool for this week is to acknowledge with gratitude, what you have that others are praying for.

Comment below and let me know what you are gratefully acknowledging yourself for.

I love hearing from you, and will be offering a lot more possibilities for deeper connection soon.

For now, acknowledge what you’ve created, and let’s celebrate it!

You’ll be dancing a joyful jig so much that there is no time to wallow in a Wrongness Vortex!

I adore you. Thanks for going on this story adventure with me. I wonder what we can create now?


Oh, and have you seen the tour video from my new office space where I am offering my Access Bars classes (next one is Jan 20) and private bodywork sessions? It’s so fun! Watch it here.

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Jaime Lyerly

Your Get Out of Your Own Way Guide