30,000 miles up and somewhere over the patch covered earth, my body quietly shook and sobbed as these words permeated into my head and my nervous system:

“Nothing is more important than your transformation.”

I’m on my way to Costa Rica, to take the next level in my facilitator training with Access Consciousness which is called Choice of Possibilities. It will open doors being able to offer more tools and clearing classes with this modality that has helped me to change every aspect of my life.
Even as I considered taking this class, it required more of me than I ever put out at one time.

More money.
More time.
More willingness to show up.
More trust in myself, and in the Universe to provide.

Yet, while I created the space and willingness to go for it, stories came up. Stories that I’d rather hide from everyone, including myself. Stories that I am some poor victim girl pretending to be some fancy, world-travelling, bad-ass facilitator. Stories that everything that I’ve been creating and holding will fall apart if I take my attention off of it even for a second.

This last story was so real to me that i did a video on it this morning at the airport. Check that out here.

And yet, I kept going… getting on the plane anyway. Listening to some audio calls that i hadn’t made time for until now. Every once in a while, my body would start to shake like i was dry sobbing. It’s happened before, so I breathe, and pause the audios to be present with it.

And then I heard the words that broke me open, “Nothing is more important than your transformation.”


I quietly sobbed for a few minutes into my striped, pink pashmina. That’s what my body has been crying for. That’s what my body has been creating for. That’s what I have been saying I believe in but haven’t given myself 100%.

Until now.

I’m a Yes to 100% commitment to my own transformation. It is from that space of fullness, presence, and trust that I can give my healing and transformational gifts. Is it the most logical time to dive into my own growth for 5 days? Probably not.

But when is the best time?

And how much longer am I willing to wait to give myself, my body and my energy exactly the space and transformation it has been asking for? If I gave into the stories, or the lies of “it’s not a good time,” I wouldn’t be on this plane.

I wouldn’t have had my first $5K month. I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to share with you right from the trenches of my personal transformation. I don’t know who I’ll be after this trip. And I like that.

So now I invite you to take this statement into your body, and let it work you until you really know the truth of it from the inside out:

“Nothing is more important than your transformation.”

Thank you to Samantha Bennett of the 365 Pro Club for talking directly to my insides today. If this was a contribution to you, reply and let me know.

Into possibilities,