Happy new year to you! How’s it been treating you so far?

I’m recovering from a head cold, and taking some much needed space and visioning for 2018. January is a time of rest for me, and I’m trusting that what comes through for creation will be juicy, inspired, and be the invitation to Know and Go!

My top tool for letting go of junk and receiving more of me is the Access BarsIt’s a hands on healing modality that is like deleting files on your hard drive so your computer runs faster. It’s one of my favorite things to receive, give and teach. I’m excited to share this modality with you, and offer for you to check it out.

If it is not your thang, no worries. I have plenty of other ways help you let go of what’s in your way and create with pleasure in the new year, so stay tuned.

For those of you curious about the Bars, guess what – Global Bars Day starts tonight at 7 pm pst! Check it out here for free exclusive content from Access Facilitators all around the world. You know what I’m doing tonight now! And you can find a local event near you to come have a sample Bars session.

For my San Diego peeps, we have a local event for you that I’m helping to host.Yippee! Today’s the last day to register for your spot for $20, or you can drop in for $30 the day of. We’ll have tables, snacks and be running the Global Bars Day content, and I’ll be there to answer any questions you have. This is open to anyone who is interested in the Bars, and especially welcoming for new people. Register for that here. (closed now)


If you already know you would like to learn this modality, I’ve got two Access Bars one day trainings scheduled! Yay! One on Monday, January 15, in North Park area San Diego, and one on January 20, in Chula Vista. You can check that out here.

Finally, if you’ve been wanting to regular in person sessions with me, you can have it!


I’m now a full time associate at the Healing Spirit Holistic Center in Chula Vista, and I’m excited to have you come receive from me there. I love that we can do distance clearing and coaching, and there is a huge realm that opens up when we drop away the words, and receive the energy directly from my potent healer hands. It’s been years since I’ve had a dedicated space to give my healing gifts, and I’m eager to co-create in that new space.

I offer customized packages to what you would like to create, including coaching (biz, sex/relationships, and life), Access Bars and body work, verbal facilitation, and super out of the box tools and games to create the most pleasurable life possible for you, right now. So if that is something you’ve been asking for, let’s set up a time to chat to see what fits for you. Set up a consult here.

Whew! Lots going on in this “resting time,” right? How does it get get any better than this?

Here is a recap of the events and links for you:

Jan 5-7: Global Bars Day Worldwide events

Jan 6: Global Bars Day – San Diego Pod, 8 am to 1 pm in Mission Hills.

Jan 15: Access Bars One Day Training in North Park

Jan 20: Access Bars One Day Training in Chula Vista

Private Session and Package Consult with Jaime here.


Whatever you choose, allow this new year to open a New You – one that is willing to give and receive your amazing gifts! I wonder what that would look like for you?

How can you do that with the most pleasure, ease, and allowance possible now?

Hit reply and let me know how your new year is going so far! I can’s wait to hear from you!

Loving the new you already,

Jaime Lyerly