• Do you love reading and listening to life-changing books and audio classes?
  • Do you love books that not only give you theory, but real tools to change what is in the way?
  • Have you heard of Access Consciousness, and would like to dive in, but don’t know where to start?

I can help!

After years of reading just about every “self-help” book out there for every issue under the sun, I am no stranger to consuming non-fiction, life-changing books.

But it wasn’t until I found Access Consciousness that the books I read became more than just theory.

You know why? Cuz most of them contain written clearings that actually change the energy of what you looking to change.

So you not only get the theory of the book, but you change the energy of it just by reading it! How does it get any better?

And for even more bang, you can record the clearings that resonate with you (or all of them for a massive kapow) and run them while you sleep. I didn’t believe it worked to listen when I was unconscious, but things started shifting after I listened to them on low on repeat all night long. Now, I often put clearings on just to get the most out of my sleep. The things holding us back are often unconscious anyway, so why not address the energy directly while we sleep?

I have been secretly reading and listening to all kinds of books and classes for years, and I am ready to actually come out of the nerdy closet and share them with you!

I’m starting a “Jaime Recommends” section of my blog and this page to share what I am currently reading, listening to, and applying to my life. I may even write some introductions to the books, reviews, or do a telecall on it to dive in deeper. Is that something that you would be interested in? Let me know!

For July, I am currently reading “Salon Des Femmes” by Access Consciousness Founder Gary Douglas. It is based on a telecall series, and has the subtitle of “Conversations about women, men, sex, love, relationships, and becoming a pragmatist of femininity.” How juicy is that?

If this title lights you up, I’ve got another way to go deeper! I will be doing a 3-part telecall with Julie Tuton starting on July 17, so if you interested in this topic, get the book now with the link below so you can participate in our upcoming telecall and dive in together (email me to find out more).

Why am I reading this book? Because even though I have done tons of personal growth, “women’s work,” studied and practiced radical relating, understanding men, orgasm in all it’s facets, and sex, there is always more to learn and grow into. Even with all of that work, there is so much charge on these topics, and so many interesting points of view, that taking the time to clear and unfold this is a top priority!

I’m also a certified sex and relationship coach, and CFMW with Access Consciousness, and even after all that, I KNOW something more is possible for bodies in the realm of sex, men, and relating as a woman.

How about you? Are you willing to have another reality as a woman? What can we change together?

If you wanna read along with me, order the hard copy book using the link: http://bit.ly/SalonDesFemmeBook

If you love Kindle instead, you can order that here from Amazon.com and get it instantly for a sweet price: http://bit.ly/SalonDesFemmeKindle

Once you dive in, let me know what it is moving in you. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Here is to summer reading that changes your life! How does it get any better than this?