So have you ever did something “selfish” because you know it would make you feel better?

This is what I have been doing this week.

Why? Because I was in a energetic slump after my “Clearing your Core Blocks in 40 days” course ended.

That course was a like a birth, a marathon, an initiation into choice, small group coaching times a thousand, and some kind of freakin’ miracle that still remains unnamable. But on a selfish level this is what it was for me…

40 days of showing up 6 days a week, and being present every day to do a 30 minute profound energy clearing to a small group of brave beings who honestly didn’t know what they had stepped into with me. Neither did I! I didn’t know who I was gonna be on the other side of it.

And in some ways, I still don’t know.

What I can say after all of this is that: I AM OWNING MY GIFT AS A FACILITATOR – in all of my weirdness, all of my sexiness, all of my miracle-making, and in all of my indescribable beingness.


After 40 days of being received in my gifts, it was a freakin’ hard drop to not have many students or clients to contribute to! I had never felt so alone and hungry to show up as ME. Not just humble, sad after the course ended me, but the ME that is a bad-ass facilitator and coach. ME in my BIGNESS.


Have you had a moment like this? When your BIGNESS is so compelling that when you feel yourself shrinking it feels like death?

That is what was happening to me earlier this week.

So what did I do?

I got selfish. I know the best way for me to not shrink my energy is to keep showing up as a Facilitator for others. It is the most selfish thing I can do. Give me someone to put my attention on, and my Bigness shows up. It always does, because I won’t NOT show up for someone else.

So, I went into action mode, before my mind could tell me this was a bad idea.

I put out a call on Facebook to do free 15 minute facilitations to whomever was willing to choose it. There is no fee. No obligation to work with me further. No pre-req. Nothing but if they stumbled across my scheduler link on Facebook, or via email, they get a session.

As a super sensitive facilitator, this part was terrifying. Just let anyone get on my calendar? What about discernment? What about blah, blah, blah – FEAR/LACK/BULLS***T?

Guess what happened?




Motherf***ing Magic. On both sides.

A bunch of the people who received sessions with me cried during the call with the potency of what they received. Yep, I made people cry by being me. It happens regularly.

So does this — Miracles happened in 15 minutes. 

Selfishly, I got to be in my Bigness in a time when I wanted to shrink. How does it get any better?


Plus, I received some amazing private clients out of this experience too, and have space for more people who are ready and willing to invest. Yay! I love being able to go deeper with people who are a “WTF just happened? Give me more!!” Learn more about working with me here.

If you haven’t had a free 15-minutes-to-Freedom session with me yet, and you actually desire one, seriously, just go get it here. I don’t know how much longer I will have them available as my calendar is filling up with some really juicy possibilities.

Remember what I said about miracles in 15 minutes? I can’t promise you a miracle in our time together. All I can promise is that if you book a session, I will show up for you. Will you show up for you?

Will you choose to show up, and receive from someone you don’t know, and allow them to facilitate you in having the change you desire? We can only change what you are willing to change!

If you have a friend that you know that would like to receive a session, share this post. Whatever it takes to get the people who are ready for this to get on the calendar!

Here are some testimonials from this sessions:

“Jaime has a real gift for connecting with the energy and awareness of her client. In my 15-mins-to-freedom session she helped me to identify where I was not fully being in my world and how to change that so I can show up with the potency that I am. We shifted a lot in a short session. I can’t wait to see where else I can transform my life with the guidance of her coaching and facilitation. She is such an amazing contribution. Thank you Jaime!” – C.B.


“…After the session was feeling calmer and more peaceful.” – J.M.


“Thank you so much for the quickie facilitation!  It was amazing how you could cut straight through the crap and go to the core. You assisted with some things that I had brought to the surface and needed that extra push. The facilitation was potent and to the point with tools to use after! How does it get even better? #GRATEFUL” – J.L.

Would you like a quickie session like this for yourself? Book it now before I close this offering!

Even if you don’t desire a session, I would love to hear in the comments below about a time that you were being “selfish” in a way that creates miracles! I love hearing from you! 

In amazingly selfish gratitude,


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