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Get Out of Your Own Way:

A 21-day Experience of Action, Accountability and Choosing FOR YOU.


You may be thinking, “What kind of results are we talking about if I go all in with this experience?”

Glad you asked!

Here are the results and possibilities available for you (and us, and the rest of the planet that gets more of you…)

  1. You’ll take actions with joy instead of avoiding them. (even if you’re an avoidant/procrastinator/people pleaser).
  2. You’ll fire the Haters in your Head and enjoy the benefits of default optimism.
  3. You’ll learn to keep the Receiving Channel open, and avoid 3 pitfalls that lead to the Wrongness Vortex.
  4. You will put “What If” into good use, instead of using it as a curse that keeps you locked in inaction.
  5. You will get clearings, practices, and tools that you can use at any time you feel stuck.
  6. You’ll have a new clear Rest Compass that tells you exactly when rest is more profitable than action, and when it’s just you hiding.

Imagine who you’ll be when this is your reality… Whoa, right?

All of this in 21 days of tools, clearings, coaching and accountability.

Get Yours!

December 10 – 30, 2017

Hi! I'm Jaime

and I help leaders know and GO!

This class was inspired when I sat down with a goal planning book to write down what I had accomplished in 2017.

As I was reflecting briefly on what I created, a loud voice in my head said, “2017 isn’t over, Jaime! What can you do in the next 3 weeks that would blow yourself out of the water?”

Whoa! That was unexpected, and it was also so light and expansive. So I asked myself some questions:

  • What would I like to create for the rest of 2017?
  • What would be the most fun?
  • What would be of service to the transformational leaders that I serve in a way that only I can provide?

And this course was born!

It is my absolute pleasure to invite you to come on a 21-day experience with me and allow me to be your guide for this process.

We can do more together than we can all by our onesie… savvy?
(Yep, I’m channeling my inner Jack Sparrow.)

If you would like to know more about me, behold the glory of my bio:

My name is Jaime Lyerly, and I’m your Get Out of Your Own Way Guide. I’ve been helping transformational leaders step into what’s next for them for over a decade. As a pleasurable business coach, an expert small business tech implementer, and a potent energy healing facilitator, I know what it takes to get moving, unstick blocked energy and create something different. I’ve helped over 100 clients do the same, from all walks of life, and in their own unique way. I became at an expert at this by navigating my own struggles with overwhelm, self-doubt, and doing for everyone else but me. So I’ve been there, and I won’t another person telling you what to do or think I know better than you. Everything I offer is an invitation to KNOW and GO!  You don’t have to be alone in this.



It’s time for you to get out of your own way, and I’d like to help you do that!

Are you ready to have this for yourself? 

What is this 21-day experience?

It’s a combo of an e-course, delivered via email with relevant video tools and clearings, and a supportive coaching experience via our temporary, private Facebook group.

If Facebook isn’t your thing, no worries. Just reply to the email you get each day to let me know what’s going on with you, and how you did for that day. How does it get any easier than that?

Here is how it how it works:

  • You set the targets (What the heck would you like to do for the rest of the year?)
  • Do the actions each day.
  • Show up for you in a way that only you can do for you.
  • I make the encouragement videos which are 10 minutes or less and are delivered to you each morning via email.
  • I am there for you in the optional Facebook group for coaching, support, energetic clearings, and accountability as you move forward.
  • Take whatever works for you, leave the rest, and GO for what’s next for you.
  • Visit the Facebook group, or email, to check in and get your virtual high fives and encouragement to keep going.

Together, we let the magic of the Universe provide the rest. How much are you willing to receive?


You don’t have to do this alone!

Sign up now and see how much ease can happen when you say, “Yes!” 

Are you ready to
get out of your own way?


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What other people are saying …

I am amazed at how quickly and effectively Jaime works -- within in our brief session, we dove in deeply to a core issue that I have been deeply mired in for over 5 years, in both my personal and professional life. As a facilitator and coach myself, there has often been some shame or embarrassment in admitting the extent to which I have felt stuck around this, but with Jaime I instantly felt seen, accepted and understood. What really blew me away is how FAST she got in there! She grokked the real issue at work underneath my confusion and thought loops, and with a surgeon's precision brought these unconscious forces into the light of awareness. After our session, I felt tremendously unburdened: lighter, freer, and cleared of a heavy energy that had dominated this part of my life for years. And it really went beyond a feeling, and into the realm of action: Jaime's coaching helped me bring these insights out and, within days, make real changes to my habits and relationships. I can't recommend Jaime's work enough."
Leonore Tija

Artist and Women's Sexual Empowerment Coach

Jaime has a gift for zeroing in on what I most needed. After a short but profound clearing, she gave me the exact visualization/exercise that I needed. Since our work together, I have noticed movement and changes in money flow that had been eluding me for quite some time. Grateful for the gift of Jaime, and looking forward to more!"

Edie Hoppin

Healthy Living Gluten-Free, Nutritional Expert

I reached out to Jaime in a time of stagnation in my business and in my relationships around an emerging project. All I remember is Jaime saying "just be open, you could be working with different people". Within a week I lost my one business partner. And within another two months the other one bowed out. FINALLY the project has air and is in motion. I had no idea what needed to happen - and it needed a big clearing apparently. Jaime is the one. As a result, I have a clear path and I have insight. I have "the work”. I am doing the good work inside me and it's okay to be "alone" in business (for now). That's what I needed.

Charis Lynn Curtis

Evolutionary Coach

Jaime is a grounded, living-large intuitive who blew apart the limited ideas of what I thought was possible for myself. She “got me” in so many ways. She did not allow me to hide behind my excuses, stories, or any other rules I put in place to keep myself small or stuck. My newfound feelings of freedom and limitlessness are priceless!


Aspiring Sacred Biz Owner

GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY is less than $5/day for only $97!