Happy holidays to you!

Today, I went to do a clearing for my course, Get Out of Your Own Way, and I realized that there is an opportunity for a greater conversation for all of us around this important topic of Enoughness.

Wanna contribute to the conversation for how this looks for you? Great! Just comment below and give me a few words or sentences on what it means for you about:

Having enough; not having enough.
Being enough; not being enough.
Doing enough; not doing enough.
Never enough; always too much.

This is a layered and rich topic, and I have been doing clearings on this for a long time. Women tend to struggle with this more than men do, but I know some men who this is a huge topic for as well. So let’s see what we can move together.

What flavor of enoughness or not enoughness do you see in your life that you would like to shift?

If you love videos, you can check it out my 20 minute transmission teaching and invitation via Facebook live. There is some good stuff there, in addition to the invitation to share about enoughness.


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Thanks for contributing to the clearing that all of us can benefit from.

Jaime Lyerly