For over the past year, my life and my business has been in a complete overhaul.

Like any good hermit, I went into my cave to revision, re-create and choose what is next. I worked one-on-one with some of the most potent people I know, both as clients and as coaches and facilitators for me. How did I get so lucky?

Personally, I did my own heart healing, clearing and getting my money stuff together. Overall, it has been a potent, transformational time(and one that I will go into more details as this blog unfolds.) I have embraced my own Phoenix nature to let the old me die, to burn away what doesn’t work, and to create a brand new life. It takes work, tenacity and total trust in what you are creating next for you (even if you don’t know what it is!)

Then I realized (with the help of some amazing business coaches and deep work) that my superpower is totally to guide other powerhouses into a Phoenix-style transformation for their own life. It is truly my gift, passion, and something that comes with total ease. It is my pleasure to go to the deep places, clear out the blocks, and guide you into a new life that looks nothing like what you have allowed yourself to have before!

See this is what I know to be true:
The powerhouses that come to me, exhausted, doubtful and wondering what happened to that turned-on life/biz that they used to have, are ready to let the old way of doing and being die.

They are ready to:
* To allow their false selves to be burned up in the transformational fire of their true desires, into a new creature that will never be the same again. It may not be comfortable, but it is time!

* To allow themselves to give up the myth of aloneness, and start freakin’ asking for the support that they require to move into the next phase.

* To have the support of a Coach and Facilitator who has been there, and will be there for them without judgment, and with a lot of humor, through the times when they wanna give up, the times when they don’t know if they can take one more step, and the celebration times when no one else seems to know that it was a big freakin’ deal.

* To really create a life and biz that is Unstoppable, Turned-On, and Unique, even if it doesn’t look like anyone else’s reality.

THAT is something I am a big HELL YES to facilitate and coach on!

And to be honest, while it has a different branding and focus, it is still what I do best — helping sensitive, aware leaders thrive in the world by letting go of the stories, judgments and limitations that stop them.

We do that with energy clearings, pragmatic tools, right-on-the-spot coaching, and games that make change easy and fun!

Is that you? Would you like to come on a new journey with me?

Then Opt in for my newsletter at, and keep your eyes peeled on this blog. This is gonna be a fun ride, one that will bring you closer to who you REALLY are.

Burning Bright,
Jaime Lyerly
Bullsh*t Free Facilitator
Coach for Powerhouse Leaders

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