Have you felt like there is something in the way you being seen as you?

We usually call it “Fear of Being Seen” but what I see is as a fear of being judged, past life stuff, and your own judgments that get in the way. 
What if you could clear some of that junk out of the way to make space for something new?
I have a free clearing here that I did today via Facebook live!
It’s an hour long, and chock full of lots of good stuff. Check it out below:

What is addressed in this clearing:

1. Fear of being see, judged and rejected.
2. Past life clearing of being killed for showing up, and being the magic you be in the world.
3. The blanket of “not knowing” of projections and judgments of yourself through other people.

How to show up anyway:

1. Set a target/goal that is bigger than what it would take in your comfort zone.
2. Have kindness for yourself, and allow yourself to take imperfect action.
3. Make it a practice and ask for support in the process.
Let me know how this lands for you in the comments below! 
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