Happy November! Wow, the last few months have just flown by, haven’t they?

In the spirit of this deep diving month, I did a little teaching via Facebook live on what I call “The Best use of November energy.” and a short energy clearing. If you would like the clearing only, it starts at 10 minutes in.

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Of course “the best” is an interesting point of view, and it is what I have seen that is counter to all of the go, go, go energy that everyone seems to be living as we go into the holiday season.

If you are someone who lights up and is energized to get things done in November, awesome! Go you! Get it!

If you are someone, like me, who tends to turn more inward, the energetic environment of November really supports this deep inquiry work.

Where I live in San Diego, there aren’t much turning of the seasons, but there is a still a shift when the winter comes that has very little to do with the temperature outside.

Some people don’t start this process until December, but what I find is that starting this process in November gives me more space for me to finish

As we move into November (and then December), here are some ways to digest what’s happened before, and to make space for what’s possible now.

1. Gather the gifts of this year.

  • Take some time to journal, draw, or speak about what this year has brought you that is unlike any other before it. If the whole year is hard to digest, do just this last month. Or highlights of peak experiences. It can be a simple or as deep of a process you would like.
  • Ask: What is the gift in this? What was totally different than any of time before?

2. Be grateful for what you have done, experienced, and chosen.

  • Make a list of what you have done, experienced and chosen, and perceive your gratitude for exactly how that show up, exactly how it was, exactly how you were with it.
  • Ask: What have I done this year, and how have I showed up? Are you willing to BE this energy of gratitude?

3. Finish any last projects that are ready to be complete. 

  • When you made the two lists above, what was incomplete? Is there anything from this list that you are close to completing that you can make time to do that now, before the holidays take over? This is where radical self honesty comes into place. If you haven’t gotten it done up to now, will you? Or is it best to let it go, and make some space for something new?
  • Ask: What can I still get complete this month? What resources do I require to get this complete? Do I have those available, or shall I let this go? 

4. Turn inward into the dark to see what’s possible now. 

  • What’s the action on this one? It’s sleep, baby!
    • Rest as much as your body has been asking for. Allow your should’s to fall away, and what you have been doing out of obligation to come to an end.
    • Quick caveat: Now, I don’t mean sleep through your job and not work, but seriously, are you making space for the quiet, and the dark stillness to make space for what is possible next?
      • If not, here is your permission slip to do just that. I wonder what amazingness you can create by giving yourself permission to rest? Vision comes best for me in the dark, quiet, rested, space. How does it come best for you?
  • Ask: Body, how much sleep would you like to have tonight
  • Extra bonus tip: Keep a journal by the bed, and write out whatever comes through in the morning after you have rested.
    • Ask: Is there something else possible here that I haven’t considered before?

This time of year is my absolute favorite because of the space and allowance to go into those dark places, and gather the nuggets of your own wisdom. It is the gold that we often ignore in our frantic search for more, better, faster, and easier.

It isn’t easy to do this work. It is effective though, for lighting your own truth from the inside out.

What if all of the awarenesses you have been searching for is actually within you? What would you need to do to have it come to your consciousness?

These are my tools for diving deep, and using the November time well. What are yours?

I adore hearing your wisdom, so feel free to comment below and let me know what works for you, or how this landed.

Let’s grab a mug of something yummy and warm (it doesn’t have to be pumpkin flavored, I swear!), and deep dive together.

Sending you lots of loving for this important inner work.