About Me

I’ve been a professional coach for nearly 4 years and I’ve been supporting transformational leaders for over 15 years. I’m certified as a coach by OM Life Coaching with OneTaste. I’m an Access Consciousness BARS facilitator. I have a degree in Art with a minor in Psychology from San Diego State University. I’m also trained and certified in multiple healing modalities and spiritual transformation tools.

My life has been a series of challenges, upgrades, and transformations. I’ve lived through childhood sexual abuse, physical abuse, family alcoholism, teenage pregnancy, unhealthy relationship dynamics, extreme poverty, love addiction, avoiding, and anorexia, depression, open relating and poly, and betrayal by teachers and communities. My current path is about shifting my approach to debt and working with body image. I know that the biggest leaders often go through the most crap! I’m so delighted that I can bring all I’ve walked through to supporting you in whatever area you’re working with now.

What’s the benefit of having a coach who’s been through it all?

• I will never judge you for ANYthing.
• I can feel you, I have compassion, and I see you as the amazing powerhouse you are,
not a victim.
• I can speak from experience on how to get through challenges.

Are you ready to see real results?

Thank you sooooo much for our session last week! The biggest “noticing” so far was at dance on Sunday night. Not sure I can explain well there was definitely a spaciousness in and around my body that was deeper and wider than it ever has been before. Along with amazing grace ease and flow. I mean like grace and creativity quantum leaps ahead of where I’ve been. Some of the most fluid facilitating I’ve done in awhile, super clear and easy. Quite amazing.

Cathleene Cienfuegos

Tantric Counselor and Sacred Movement Facilitator

What I Do


I help transformative teachers out of holes. It’s just what I do.

I provide the tools to lift you out of the pit, clear all the heaviness, and light up the path to turn your business and your life around FAST.

Creativity, ease, and deep spiritual transformation are my best friends. It can be easy. It can be fun. Together, let’s re-structure your biz habits so you can stop feeling crappy and start feeling like your business is taking care of YOU.

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My Philosophy

I believe that Powerhouse teachers and leaders are here to change the world by being themselves fully. Their work is creative, fun, and profoundly transformational for their clients. But sometimes after a life-altering event (such as a break-up, a birth, or some other radical shift), the tried-and-true methods no longer feel like the right fit. What used to be easy and fulfilling is now a chore. And they may become resentful at their clients and business as they feel like an enemy to their new life.

Struggle is a sign that something has shifted.

Are you willing to take the time to dive deep and enquire into what that is? Are you willing to learn something new, and step beyond your comfort zone as a teacher to see what is possible?

It takes a special kind of coach to navigate the energy. To be a strong and supportive ally. I start with energetic clearings, space to envision what is possible, and strategy that taps into YOUR knowing as the next step. FUN is the only sustainable business model.

Are you ready to have your business be your most pleasurable and profitable companion yet?

My Magical Methods

I offer profound energetic clearings, tools, coaching and strategy to help you recreate your business and life in a way that feels oh so good. If you are done with struggle and are looking for coaching, this one is for you! With my Deep Dive Coaching Packages, we work together between 3 months to a year, (3 month minimum to start) and you have me in your corner to clear you, coach you, advise you using pragmatic and energetic tools, and to help you set up your business and your life in a way that feels like a self-care regimen.

Money follows Joy! Not the other way around.

Pleasure, Receiving and Choosing for YOU are key concepts in the work we do together. Burnout and struggle will become a thing of the past when you learn to set up a life and business that works for you.

Are you ready for the Deep Dive?