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These new rules have had me looking at all of the content that I am creating, and where I would like to go next with it. Everyone who is on my list is here for different classes or offerings, and that can be a bit confusing to know if the content is really for you. Sorry about that.

So for clarity sake, I am going to give you a quick download of what you can expect if you choose to opt in for my email list, and promotional materials.

I am choosing to stand for what I know best: Being Walking Orgasm.

That means I will be sharing tools, questions, classes, energy clearings (from some Access Consciousness® and my own “shamanic” style energy blast clearings), and articles on pleasure, intuition development, releasing trauma, energy orgasm, love, s*ex, relationships, how to live a more pleasure filled life right now.

All of my programs have always included a pleasure component, but now I am moving the dial away from fixing problems, to saying YES to pleasure in all of it’s forms.

This is deep work, and I am ready to share with you my “mystery school” style teachings, but I can’t go there without your consent. Click to opt and receive a free gift of an Orgasmic Energy Pull. 

I have let go of the tech part of my business, and no longer do business strategy. My point of view is that when you tune into your own intuitive knowing, and your pleasure, you KNOW what to do, and have the fuel to do it. And when you are light up with your own orgasmic life juice, you are so much more magnetic for money. We will be talking more about how to use your orgasm for business creation, but what I have found is that we need to fill up our own cups, and then the business can truly be orgasmic as well.

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To your most pleasure filled life,

Jaime Lyerly

Pleasure Guide

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